Discover The Urban Vibrancy & Serene Landscapes of This Popular Destination in Canada

From iconic landmarks to culinary delights, this diverse Southern Canadian province invites you to embark on a journey of exploration and relaxation.

Discover The Vibrant Energy & Beauty of Ontario, Canada

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Where To Stay in Ontario

Drake Devonshire

Perched on the serene shores of Lake Ontario in the picturesque town of Wellington, the Drake Devonshire seamlessly blends contemporary design with the charm of a lakeside retreat.

As featured in a Conde Nast Traveler article titled “The world's most romantic hotel rooms: 150 swoon-worthy suites”, this boutique hotel exudes a relaxed sophistication, offering guests a tranquil escape surrounded by natural beauty.

The Drake Devonshire's accommodations are a harmonious marriage of comfort and modern aesthetics. Each room is thoughtfully appointed, featuring a minimalist design that complements the tranquil lakefront setting. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the rooms with natural light, providing panoramic views of Lake Ontario and the lush landscapes that characterize Prince Edward County.

Guests can savor culinary delights at the hotel's restaurant, where farm-to-table cuisine takes center stage. The emphasis on locally sourced ingredients results in a menu that showcases the region's flavors, making every dining experience a celebration of Ontario's culinary treasures.

Beyond the inviting interiors, the Drake Devonshire invites guests to unwind on its expansive lakeside patio, offering an idyllic spot to enjoy a leisurely meal or sip cocktails against the backdrop of the lake. The hotel's commitment to art and culture is evident in its gallery spaces, featuring rotating exhibitions that highlight the creativity of local and international artists.

Positioned in the heart of Prince Edward County, guests can explore the region's renowned wineries, charming boutiques, and natural wonders. The Drake Devonshire is not just a hotel; it's a haven for those seeking a tranquil lakeside retreat with a touch of modern elegance.

The Drake Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Toronto's vibrant Queen Street West, The Drake Hotel stands as an iconic cultural hub and boutique retreat, blending contemporary chic with a rich history.

As a beacon of creativity, this boutique hotel is a celebration of art, culture, and style, making it an ideal destination for the modern traveler seeking a unique and immersive experience. Conde Nast Traveler calls The Drake “one of Toronto’s hippest hotels”.

Each room at The Drake Hotel is a curated masterpiece, showcasing modern design elements with an eclectic touch. Guests are treated to a harmonious blend of comfort and sophistication, creating a welcoming atmosphere that reflects the dynamic spirit of Toronto. From cozy Crash Pads to spacious suites, every accommodation is a testament to the hotel's commitment to providing an unparalleled stay.

Beyond the stylish interiors, The Drake Hotel offers an array of cultural experiences. The vibrant lobby serves as a gallery space, featuring rotating exhibitions and installations by local and international artists. Guests can engage in thought-provoking conversations with fellow travelers or locals at the hotel's communal spaces, fostering a sense of community and connection.

The culinary offerings at The Drake Hotel are a gastronomic journey, with an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients and innovative dishes. The hotel's rooftop Sky Yard provides an urban oasis, where guests can savor artisanal cocktails and panoramic views of the cityscape. The lively ambiance extends to the underground Drake Underground venue, hosting live performances and events that showcase Toronto's diverse arts scene.

Positioned in the Queen Street West neighborhood, guests can explore Toronto's cultural hotspots, trendy boutiques, and artistic enclaves just steps away from the hotel. The Drake Hotel is not just a place to stay but an immersive cultural experience that captures the essence of Toronto's cosmopolitan energy.

What To Do & Where To Go in Ontario

As Spring breathes new life into Ontario, Canada, the vibrant energy of Toronto and the serene beauty of Wellington beckon travelers to explore the best of this diverse province, making it an incredible vacation destination, no matter what type of getaway you’re seeking.

In Toronto, the iconic CN Tower stands tall, offering panoramic views of the city and Lake Ontario. The Royal Ontario Museum, a cultural gem, invites visitors to immerse themselves in world-class exhibits and artifacts.

Venturing into the Distillery District, an atmospheric neighborhood with cobbled streets and Victorian architecture, unveils a haven for art enthusiasts and foodies alike. Chic boutiques, art galleries, and artisanal cafes create a tapestry of experiences. Indulge in diverse culinary delights at St. Lawrence Market, a food lover's paradise showcasing local and international flavors.

Just a scenic drive away, Wellington in Prince Edward County promises a different pace. Nestled on the shores of Lake Ontario, it is a haven for wine enthusiasts. Explore the region's renowned wineries, such as Norman Hardie Winery and Vineyard, where exceptional wines harmonize with picturesque vineyards.

A stroll through Wellington reveals charming boutiques and art galleries, providing a glimpse into the local arts and crafts scene. The Millennium Trail beckons nature lovers to meander through lush landscapes, while the Wellington Main Street Park offers a tranquil setting for relaxation.

Culinary adventures in Wellington are marked by farm-to-table experiences. Savor local flavors at restaurants like the Drake Devonshire, where innovative menus showcase the bounty of Prince Edward County. Additionally, immerse yourself in the region's arts and culture at various galleries, capturing the essence of this lakeside retreat.

Whether discovering the urban vibrancy of Toronto or the serene landscapes of Wellington, Spring in Ontario offers a rich tapestry of experiences. From iconic landmarks to culinary delights, this diverse province invites you to embark on a journey of exploration and relaxation.

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